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Technology and PCBs

The world today can best be characterized by the abundance of sophisticated and ingenious man-made marvels which we use for, and in, our everyday existence in our planet. Anywhere we turn to, in every house, street and building, these technological creations are present, and they have long integrated themselves into our lives. They are everywhere, from what we would consider most common (cellphones, clocks, and laptops, etc.), to the more complicated ones (computer networks, ordering systems, and traffic lights, etc.), to the seriously important gadgets (pacemakers, satellites, etc.), and finally to the most outer-worldly inventions (space telescopes, military avionics, etc.).

PCB Assembly

These are all products of our imagination, physical equivalents of the idea, concept, or notion that originally represented them. Of course, we know what all these technology share in common – they all have printed circuit boards (PCBs) embedded inside them. These PCBs themselves were, in some way, byproducts of someone’s intellect. Someone, somewhere, had to think of the circuit design and layout, and produce the PCB so that the end products would come about.

If it is your business to create these devices and machines, then you should, among others, have reliable, top-of-the-line, and affordable PCBs. For that, we offer you, with full confidence and certainty, your team at www.pcbnet.com.

Why choose us

Rest assured, your team at www.pcbnet.com will provide you top-class service at all stages of the acquisition process. From placing your order, through the actual creation of the PCB, and until delivery of your board to your doorstep, we will be there to ensure we meet your requirements and provide you value-adding service.

1. An Option for Online Quoting

To make transactions more convenient for you, we have enabled our website (www.pcbnet.com) to take your board specifications and requirements, instead of the traditional means of providing us your designs. Of course, you may still send us the Gerber files and your other documentation, and we’ll take them in and get back to you with the same promptness. However, using our online quoting system should certainly make things a lot easier for you. Besides, you will be taking part in this historic attempt at revolutionizing the PCB ordering process (by bringing the quotation process online).

2. Will ask questions when in doubt

We want to make sure that we create the board that you exactly need, so we’ll ask you questions if and when we have any uncertainty. We can discuss them with you over the phone, saving your time if the questions were coursed through email.

3. Standards-compliant Manufacturing Process

Pcb fabricationWe take pride in our excellent manufacturing capabilities. We have an expert and experienced team who will produce your PCBs, no matter how simple or complex the designs may be. We use state-of-the-art equipment, and we work in the cleanest environments. All these make sure that we meet the standards set by the IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries concerning the production of Class 2 PCBs.

4. Excellent support

Our technical expertise will be for naught if you are not satisfied with our overall service. That is why throughout the process, you can be certain that our friendly, attentive and dedicated customer representatives will be available at all times. You just have to give them a call and they will take matters from thereon.

5. On time delivery

We will deliver your PCBs as scheduled. Of course, we do our best to deliver and get back to you in the shortest time possible.  We understand that there are times when matters have to be expedited, and we will, as best as we can, try to help you make your respective cutoffs.

6. Affordable and reasonable rates

We understand your cost restrictions and so we pegged our rates at what we think are the most reasonable and affordable figures. We also understand that businesses have their off-seasons, and so, you may, in those instances, tell us your preferred bids for your PCBs, and we’ll take them into consideration in pricing.


If you need proof of our service, our commitment and dedication to our clients, and our technical expertise in the field of PCB production, our over 30 years of experience and our countless customers can attest to these. Feel free to check out our website at www.pcbnet.com.

A Tradition within Custom Challenge Coins

It’s a rainy 1990 Friday night and you are with your friends in a bar. Suddenly, a coin drops to the floor before someone yelled “Coin check!” near the counter. You instinctively reached for a chipped, round metal object in your breast pocket as you look at the faces of your agitated, empty handed friends. You take a big sigh of relief while looking at the silver circular disc sitting on the counter in front of you while hearing groans and laughter in the air. You will not be buying the drinks tonight, sergeant. Bringing your challenge coin saved you.

Military challenge coins have a distinguished history, dating back at least to World War I. They were first given to those in elite units for the purpose of esprit de corps, but the practice evolved into a whole new level. Soon, every unit member can receive a coin that contains their unit’s emblem and the name of their department.


They are often issued as tokens of unit membership or as commemorations of deployment, or they are earned and given for some exemplary events in a service member’s life. A challenge or a “coin check” is a typical way to make sure that members are carrying their unit’s coin or any other military custom challenge coin they possess. Coin checks were said to be a part of the culture as they were used not only to determine who will buy a round of drinks on a night out, but also, who will be doing the mid-shift for standing watch in the field, or who had to clean the latrines or haul out the trash for the team.

Challengecoins4less makes custom military challenge coins no matter what branch of the Armed Services you are in. You will be crafted with unique and revisable coins that will represent the courage, integrity, loyalty and service of men and women with whom you serve. You will be receiving custom challenge coins that will be favored by many of your peers, not only because it holds your unit’s insignia that can come with antique finishing, but also because it will be made with utmost care and dedication especially for those dedicated people in your line of service. As per the traditional coin check, you will never be without it again when you can opt to have it in a plastic coin capsule, a velvet drawstring bag, or along with a keychain attachment.

Today, not only the military can possess challenge coins. The police department and the fire department also have their custom challenge coins, along with business corporations that commemorate loyal and trustworthy volunteers, interns, and employees under their service.

Police departments all over the states have custom made challenge coins to represent different units under their wing. You could see your future coins not only in a regular, circular disc shape, but in any custom shape you want made available to you by Challenge Coins 4 Less for free! You could always have different options regarding your style- whether your coins could contain 3D designs of your emblem that can give you an embossed feel, or the offset printing that allow your coins to feature a photograph of your team.

Fire department custom coins from Challenge Coins 4 Less are well crafted to reflect your squad’s dedication and the commitment of both professional and volunteer firefighters in your community. Your coins can come in antique and polished metals with epoxy coatings or translucent enamel that could protect your coins’ appearance in cases of fire or extreme wear.

Corporate coins on the other hand, is a way for you and your organization to commemorate company milestones, celebrate anniversaries and accomplishments, and to recognize outstanding employees. You can have engraved text to its edge, whether its your company’s motto or the name of the outstanding employee of the year. If you choose to collect and display them for keeps, they can come in presentation boxes or along with coin stands to fit your liking.

These custom challenge coins from Change Coins 4 Less will surely live up to your reputation and expectation.

Challenge Coins 4 Less is as committed to making your custom challenge coins as you are to what you love doing. With its impeccable service and unbeatable prices, your customized coins can be made to mirror the excellence and dedication of your organization.

Why Use Iron On Patches For Improved Look Of Clothes

Using iron on patches is actually important in improving the look of your jeans, clothes, shoes, scarves and curtains. Aside from this, there are more awesome benefits why you need to use these patches to enhance styles to any fabric you want to embellish. With the help of premium quality patches, you can also enjoy long term designs at reasonable rates.


In fact, a clothing patch has been a vital product way back in the early days. The item can easily be pinned, sewn, or ironed on fabric or cloth surfaces for designing and patching purposes. With various designs available, you can simply get the right one to decorate your clothes.

There are many type of clothing patches you can see in today’s market but the iron on patches will give you excellent benefits.

Great Benefits to Take Advantage Of

This type of patch actually provides convenient and easy patching without the hassle that other patches offered in the market typically come with.

The following are the benefits you can get after using patches:


With easy application, you can just iron it on the clothes including jackets, caps, pants, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and other fabrics. With this patch, you can also incorporate embroidery to beautify the garments eve more. In addition, you can provide classy feel and more comfortable clothing for your everyday needs. In just a matter of minutes, you can attach the patch to clothes for quick results.


The unique features in fact attract people to buy iron on patches for their fabric improvement needs. Did you know that you can purchase glow-in-the-dark patches today and 3D designs to patch fabrics? With the help of computerized designs, it’s now easier to decorate garments with easy to attach patches.


The trendy styles provided by patches, fashionable people are more dependable on these items. Classic designs never fade but other clothing styles do. So if you want to level up your fashion clothes, this is the way to go. You don’t need to wear simple sweatshirts or jeans anymore because these patches got you covered.


When it comes to cost, clothing patches are budget friendly and cheaper than other items in the fashion industry. There’s no need for you to get a tailor’s service to help you patch your jeans. Buying clothing patches in fact helps you save money, time and effort.

No Wrinkling 

Iron on patches are don’t wrinkle much making them the ideal item to put on stiff surfaces.  You don’t get puckers or gaps to appear on your fabric even after washing it regularly. It will also not change the look of your clothes unlike other clothing designs.

These items can also be collectibles. The range of colors and designs they are available from can give variety to your collection of beautiful patches. In fact, organizations use it in building an image and other artists take advantage of it for artwork promotions. And if you are currently looking for quality patches, we’re here to help you. On our site, you will see different designs to match your unique needs.

One-Stop Shop for Premium Clothing Patches

Just by using clothing patches, you get to enjoy the benefits it provides. The above mentioned benefits are only some of it. There are more to discover from using patches to clothes and other garments. All you need is to have a reliable source of clothing patches online. We’ll be glad to serve you with your needs and help you create more attractive clothes that suit your personality.

The flexibility and functionality of patches are amazing. In fact, we are in this business because we know it will help more people who are into making or wearing fashionable garments. Let us support your needs in a more affordable way with our quality patches. Please feel free to browse our webpage and find the exact design you want.

Three Valuable Tips in Choosing Your First Set of Golf Clubs

Are you planning to buy your 1st set of gold clubs? It is not advisable to just hit the stores and pick the first golf set that catches your interest. Golf clubs can be quite expensive so you need to make sure that you are investing on the right one. Here are some useful tips you can use when shopping for your golf set.

What are your goals in golfing?

golfYou first need to determine what your realistic golf plans are before you go shopping. Do you plan to play golf a couple times during the year while you are out with your father-in-law? If that is the case, you do not really need to invest a lot of time, money and effort in buying golf clubs. But if you plan to enthusiastically pursue golfing and you believe that you will be able to play if you will only be given the chance, you may need to spend more time in choosing your golf set. You may need to look into the golf clubs used by renowned professionals such as the Taylormade golf sets so you can gauge which particular playing style suits a particular design.

It is ideal if you can perform an honest assessment of your dedication even before you think about how much you are ready to spend on your golf set or on what quality of clubs you are interested in. How often can you practice golf? Do you plan on taking golf lessons? If your answer to both questions is “no” or “maybe not”, then you may need to consider cheaper golf clubs. But if you answered “yes” to both questions, it could mean that high quality golf sets such as Taylormade Golf clubs may be appropriate for you.

If you seem uncertain of your plans when it comes to golfing or you know that you have a not so good history of dropping a hobby after a couple of months, it may be a good idea for you to buy used golf clubs first. They will be far cheaper than new golf sets. And when are convinced that you really want to seriously pursue golfing, you can easily replace your second-hand golf clubs with a new set.

Determine your budget.

High quality golf clubs can really be quite expensive because they guarantee high quality standards. But you do not really need to keep up with the Joneses if you cannot afford it. Here, you also need to honestly assess how much you can afford and are willing to spend on your golf clubs. But of course, the amount that you will be willing to spend can be tied to the dedication that you think you can give to golfing. Of course, if money is not an issue to you, you can always buy the top of the line golf clubs like Taylormade Golf so you can have a wonderful experience in golfing. But it is always ideal for beginners to start with a reasonably priced first golf set so that in case you eventually drop out of the game, you would not have wasted a lot of money.

Make sure your golf clubs fit you.

golf playingWhen you go into a Taylormade Golf store, you will be willingly assisted by trained personnel in measuring which golf clubs suit your body type best. You may also consider working with teaching professionals who can perform a thorough club-fitting that can last for around 30 to 45 minutes. This is ideal if your height is way below or way above 5’ 10” which is the standard height used in many of the regular off-the-shelf golf clubs.

You might also know by now that nothing really beats a good golf swing. But if you are a brand new golfer, you can make it easier on yourself when you choose game improvement golf clubs which are designed for higher-handicappers. It is ideal if you can get irons that have been perimeter-weighted and cavity backed. You may consider hybrid sets which consists of long irons that have been substituted with hybrid clubs. Choose a driver that has more loft. Yes, they may seem very amateurish compared to what the Tour players are using but you need to accept that that is where you need to start.


Author Bio:
High quality golf clubs can really be quite expensive because they guarantee high quality standards. Best colleciton of  golf club drivers with new features,specification and design only available at rockbottomgolf.com.

Historical And Interesting Facts About Neck Lanyards

Did you know that neck lanyards are much older than identification badges, the very thing that they commonly hold? Lanyards were first used during the 17th Century. They were invented to hold sailors’ possessions such as knife, binoculars, spyglass, carpentry tools, whistles and keys.

The Original Function Of Lanyards

The “yard” of “lanyard” means spar; spar is an essential part of the ship’s rigging. How do these two—lanyard and spar—are connected? Lanyard was actually invented to make climbing in a ship’s rigging easy and safe.

Neck LanyardsDuring the 1700s, sailors face so many difficulties in climbing their ships’ rigging specially when there are storms and heavy waves. Their ships were not stable and so, there was a high chance that they were going to fall off the ships’ rigging. Even worse is that they were carrying their tools by hand whilst trying to balance themselves on the rope.

Fortunately, a wise sailor had thought of using scrap fabrics that uselessly lay on the ship’s deck to tie all their tools; thus, the first lanyard was invented. These sailors tied their lanyards around their necks or around their waists.

On the other hand, the “lan” of “lanyard” is from the French word “laniere” which means strap. The French were the people who coined the term “lanyard”.

Military Lanyards

Lanyards are also an essential tool for the military. During the World War II, American and British soldiers used lanyards to connect their small pistols and artilleries to their military uniforms. This strategy enabled them to reach and use their weapons quickly.

Lanyards are also used in determining the ranks of the soldiers. Click this www.wholesalelanyards.com website for more idea about lanyards. These military lanyards are braided and of different colors depending on the officer’s rank. Aside from that, they are also used as ornaments in military uniforms.

The Art Of Lanyard Making

The art of making neck lanyards is called scoubidou. Some people believed that the animated series, Scooby Doo was named after it. Scoubidou is referred as boondoggle in other places.

Scoubidou is the process of trying a knot to make a lanyard. Usually, this art is taught at summer camps. There are different kinds of knots used to make lanyards like box knot, Chinese knot, butterfly knot, and triangle knot.

The Importance Of Lanyards

Neck lanyards have a certain importance for the following group of people. This is the importance of lanyards…

1. To Campers

Lanyards are used to carry flashlights, small knives, whistles, and other tools that are necessary in camping. By using lanyards, campers would not have to worry if their small possessions are going to be lost specially while they are busy participating in such activities in the camp. They will also easily access these necessities when needed.

2. To Mountain Climbers

Lanyards are not only worn around the neck to hold and secure objects. They can also help mountain climbers safely reach the peak of the mountain. Lineman lanyards are these climbers’ best friends. They are extremely strong; they can hold even an extremely heavy object.

3. To Students And Office Staff

This group of people is the usual customer of neck lanyards manufacturers. They use lanyards to hold their identification badges, pen, electronic devices, USB flash drive, and basically anything that can fit the clip or hook attachments of their lanyards.

4. To Housewives

Lanyards are the best holder for your house and car keys. They can also hold your phone for you so that in case of emergency, even if you are cooking or cleaning, your children can easily reach you.

5. To Runners

There are neck lanyards with a specialized bottle holder attachment. These are best for runners, athletes, and body builders. You will be able to rehydrate quickly with the help of these lanyards.

6 Reasons Why Custom Lanyards Are The Best Promotional Materials

There are different items that can be used as promotional materials like t-shirts, wristbands, posters, mugs, caps, pens, bags, and lanyards. All of these are great but custom lanyards are the best. Lanyards both benefit the business and the customers. They are convenient and practical.

lanyardsWe can provide you the type of lanyard that would best represent your brand or your product. Our lanyards help you jump-start to a new business venture or make your current business progressive. Of course, we don’t just cater profitable organizations; we can also produce the best custom lanyards for non-profit organizations like schools, charities, and government agencies.

Here are our 6 other reasons you should use lanyards to promote your cause, business, brand, and etc.
1. They are cheap.

We offer you lanyards of any type for a very reasonable price. Our polyester lanyards are the most affordable type. They are perfect for your product launch and marketing events. You can also choose our tubular lanyards made with high-quality polyester materials.

If you are willing to pay a little more, we recommend you our classy nylon lanyards. We also have woven lanyards and dye sublimated lanyards. If you are to order a bulk amount, we will give you a great discount.

2. They appeal to everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen can wear lanyard. They are for all ages and all body types. Our standard custom lanyards are 36 inches long and 5/8 inch wide. Depending on your needs, we can adjust the sizes. We can produce longer lace. The ideal width is 1 inch max.

We also have a huge variety of lanyard colors. You can pick a single color or more. We recommend that you choose more to give your customers a set of choices. Pink may not appeal to guys, and not everyone is please with the color black.

Aside from plain lanyards, we also offer printed and patterned lanyards. We have lanyards with polka dots, checkered, swirls, and pre-printed images.

3. They are reusable.

Your customers will love custom lanyards because they will be able to use it as they want to after your event. Students and employees can use them to hold their identification cards in their schools and companies. The lanyards can also act as key holders, card holders, or simple accessories.

You may choose from our different hardware attachments for the lanyard of your choose. We have metal J hook, carabiner hook, plastic rings, plastic hooks, metal split rings, snap swivel hook, heavy duty swivel, and more.

4. They are durable.

Because we use 100% polyester, you can assure that our products are of quality. Our lanyards last long without wearing off or fraying. We also use quality dyes for our dye sublimated lanyards. They allow a glossy finish. They make your texts clear, bold, and striking.

You can also be assured that our attachments are durable. The metals do not rust, and the plastic attachments do not easily break. If you want your lanyards to be more secured, we are also offering plastic safety buckles.

5. They are ready for customization.

This is the most important feature of our custom lanyards. We can print your business logo or name on its surface. Our high-class screen printers will make it possible. Any design of your choice can be easily applied to the surface of the lanyards with this computerized machine.

If you simply want your brand name in it, we suggest our woven lanyards. In this option, we will weave your texts together with the fabric. We prefer simple font styles for woven lanyards otherwise, it will not appear legible. For intricate details, we recommend our nylon lanyards.

6. They are innovative.

We also have special lanyards that would make your brand stand out even more. If your company supports green living, our PET lanyards are perfect for you. If you want a bright lanyard that would ensure a bright future for your business, we can layer a reflective band on the surface of your lanyards.

We also have lanyards with rhinestones, beads, zippers, USB flash drive, eyewear attachment, and water bottle attachment. You can collaborate with us if you have an idea for a new innovative lanyard.

Lanyards are practical accessories used to hold small items. If a person wants to show off a certain object or make it visible and easy to reach, a lanyard is the perfect item for the job.Visit here www.the-lanyard-factory.com for more details.

Things You Need to Know About Safe Steroid Alternatives

Steroids are artificial substances that are similar to male sex hormones. These substances are used to promote muscle growth and enhance the sexual features of men. They are prescribed by doctors in treating certain conditions like muscle atrophy, delayed puberty, and impotence.

The problem with steroids is that they are most of the time abused, especially by bodybuilding professionals and athletes. They are using this substance to hasten muscle growth and enhance their performance. Misuse can result to bad effects and even life-threatening conditions. Because of this, lots of people are using the alternatives to steroids to assist them in their bodybuilding endeavors and improve their endurance.


Facts About Steroid Alternatives

The US Congress approved a law that changed a particular act that was enforced back in 2004. The act involved the manufacturing of anabolic steroids, a regulated substance. The research and development sector has concentrated on producing legal alternatives to steroids that are not only safe, but are effective as well.

Important Facts About Steroids

Steroids are artificial hormones produced to treat medical ailments and they come in two varieties. Anabolic steroids are the most popular variety. They act like male sex hormones, and physicians prescribe them to resolve problems such as late puberty and significant muscle loss in patients with AIDS and cancer. However, they are commonly used illegally by athletes who are addicted to winning.

Another variety is the corticosteroids, which are less controversial. They does not build muscle. They are used in treating allergic reactions and other autoimmune diseases. One of the most common examples of corticosteroids is Cortisone. It is prescribed by doctors in treating the pain and swelling that is caused by insect bites and poison oak. Another popular example of corticosteroid is Prednisone, which is used to treat autoimmune diseases like arthritis and lupus.

These two varieties of corticosteroid can be taken orally, rubbed on the skin, or injected muscularly, and they are also used by some individuals to speed up muscle growth.

Benefits of Using Steroid Alternatives


There are lots of people who turn to both androgenic and anabolic steroids to achieve their bodybuilding goals. But, taking steroids is not legal unless prescribed by a doctor for medical purposes. Also, steroids trigger several side effects. Thus, the best thing that you could do is to take safe and legal steroid alternatives that provide results similar to that of anabolic steroids and sometimes even better, without any bad effects. These alternatives are not a substandard replacement. These alternatives are not expensive because they are made of simple substances that help in increasing energy levels. These substances provide other benefits, like increased libido, thus they can be used by individuals who are not trained professional athletes. They are available in tablet, powder, and liquid forms. You can choose the form that you are comfortable with.

No muscle gain or weight loss product is effective without the combination of exercise regimen and proper diet in place. Follow your chosen plans that has been developed by experts who understand that optimum results can be achieved when the athlete is serious and committed to realizing goals.

Make sure that you purchase them from the right suppliers. There are some companies that are popular in producing these alternatives. Since they are legally distributed, you can search for them online. Also, make sure that you use these items as recommended by the manufacturer.

Prescription anabolic steroids are artificial versions of testosterone. They are hormones that are found naturally in both men and women. The alternatives are formulated to improve the production of testosterone in the body using only natural substances. If combined with proper diet and an exercise program, those substitutes can produce great results. The ability of the steroid alternatives to promote anabolism and nutrition partitioning can be enhanced further with increased protein intake. Purchase the product only from a trusted distributor to make sure that it is the legal and safe. You can also ask your friends and relatives who are using the product for suggestions and recommendations.

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